Tour of Zillertal's brewery

The ‘BrauKunstHaus’ invites you to come on a ‘hoppy’ exploratory tour

In ‘BrauKunstHaus’ a tour of Zillertal’s brewery combines with beer sampling in Tyrol in an exceptional way. 

In Zillertal’s ‘BrauKunstHaus’ there is so much for everyone to learn about this refreshing hop-based drink. Starting with extracting the raw materials with grain harvesting, to individual stages in the production process, to sales in shops. In spite of the multimedia set-up which makes the story even more lifelike and exciting, the tried and proven tradition of the valley and the DNA of the business are not forgotten. So leave time for this fantastic excursion and head out to discover the tracks of our own STOCK beer, which is also brewed there.