365 days perfect location in Zillertal

All year round under the sign of #stockfeeling

In the STOCK resort all seasons are loved, because each has its very own charm. We feel it, you'll feel it. Oh, how invigorating is spring when the alpine meadows regain their lush green, how enriching is summer when the sun unfold its full power and the mountain lakes beckon with refreshment, how wonderful is autumn when it covers the entire valley in glorious colours and how fascinating is winter, so pristine and romantic with its powdery snow.

And then there is us. We in STOCK resort know how to get the best out of every season for a #blissful holiday. Our activity programme is perfectly adapted to every season and offers countless options for being active indoors and especially outdoors. Those who want to let off steam doing sports before the impressive backdrop of the Zillertal alpine world or are looking for special experiences as a family, will find the perfect view- and starting-point in the STOCK resort. And with yoga, fitness and the year-round open Hintertux glacier there are no less than three interesting options you can practice all through the year.

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The BrauKunstHaus in Zell

Well-tried Zillertal traditions + cold beer + innovations
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Nature Ice Palace

The eternal ice and its secrets at the Hintertux glacier
the Hintertux Glacier as a hidden paradise in every season

Hintertux Glacier

No matter if you head to the STOCK resort in summer or winter, the impressive Hintertux Glacier awaits you in all its glory.
outdoor yoga in fantastic weather in front of the mountains of the Zillertal on holiday in STOCK resort


The STOCK resort is a place of power in several respects.
Fitness studio in the STOCK Resort overlooking the landscape of the Zillertal


Put your sportswear on and hit the fun, because the STOCK resort does not follow any fitness trends, it starts them.

The 5,000 m² large wellness and spa world with its 12 water areas is a true delight. From here and the tastefully furnished rooms and suites, views of nature open up sure to leave you impressed. Yet it doesn't always have to be sunshine that captures your imagination. The fog on a spring morning that slowly clears, the red evening sky giving a beautiful end to the day or the thick snowflakes covering everything in white. The individual seasons are reflected on the plates as well. Seasonal, regional, always creative and with plenty of finesse, guests enjoy the gourmet options in STOCK resort. All this simply makes you #wantmore!

Top holiday offers in STOCK resort

... because we know how to get the best out of every season for a #blissful holiday!


3 nights
16.05. - 21.05.21
06.06. - 02.07.21
05.09. - 01.10.21
17.10. - 22.10.21
07.11. - 03.12.21
from 729 €


5 nights
16.05. - 21.05.21
07.11. - 12.11.21
28.11. - 03.12.21
from 1.235 €


3 nights
16.05. - 03.12.21
from 964 €

PRACTICAL DAYS with Dr. Michael Spitzbart

4 nights
07.11. - 11.11.21
from 1.300 €