The Spannagl Cave on the Hintertux Glacier

- immerse yourself in another world at over 2500m

The Spannagel Cave is located on the Hintertux Glacier just below the Tuxer Fernerhaus Section II, directly at the Spannagelhaus. A very special excursion tip for families, as the cave is located at over 2500m above sea level.

Spannagel Cave Natural Monument

a unique marble cave

A marble vein leads from Hintertux southwards to the Spannaglhaus, in which the cave system with its numerous natural wonders lies. In 1919, the then landlord of the Spannaglhaus, Alois Hotter, discovered the entrance to the cave. Exploration did not begin until around 1960. almost four years later, this unique cave and its surroundings were placed under nature conservation.

Thanks to the private initiative of the hut tenant Josef Klausner (1974-2003), part of the cave was opened to visitors in the entrance area on 1 July 1994. In the meantime, guided tours through the marble show cave take place all year round.

Central gneiss is the rock that the area around the Hintertux glacier is mostly made of, but it is impossible to form a cave in this rock. Due to the complicated tectonic situation of this area, a marble vein was intercalated between the gneiss rock during the Alpine mountain building. The cave system is located in this vein, which is about 25 m thick.

The entrance to this largest cave in Tyrol is directly under the Spannagelhaus and thus also the highest point of the cave system. The ventilation of the Spannagel Cave follows the chimney effect: the cave temperature is +2°C, if the outside temperature is lower, the air is drawn upwards and it blows out relatively warm at the entrance and vice versa.

Good to know

Snow is to be expected on the Hintertux glacier all year round, so winter-proof clothing and shoes are necessary for the descent to the Spannagelhaus. All tours start at the entrance to the show cave directly at the Spannagelhaus.

Opening hours

Summer: daily show cave tours without advance booking
01 June to 09 July at 11,12,13 and 14 hrs.
10 July to 09 September at 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 hrs.
10 September to 14 October at 11,12,13 and 14 hrs.

Winter: 15 October to 31 May
daily guided tours on request

Registration the day before until 3.00 p.m.



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