Summertime = Bergfest-time

- the #stockfeeling up to 1830m over the sea

When the warm temperatures usher in summer, it's that time again: the legendary mountain festival at the STOCK Hütte is just around the corner. An absolute MUST for every STOCK guest, because up here life is celebrated, traditional dishes are conjured up and a toast is made with a schnapps from the schnapps fountain. Of course, musical entertainment is not to be missed - a DJ plays classics to new folk rock'n roll hits.

All roads lead to Rome - or to the STOCK Hütte. The Finkenberger Almbahn - which is located directly behind the hotel - takes you comfortably to the middle station, where only a short walk separates you from your destination. Our fitness trainers Anna and Maximilian accompany the sporty guests up to the top on their e-bikes, and for those who like it without a motor at all, our hiking guide Martin will take you up on his hike. By the way, Martin is also a terrific presenter and entertainer - you have to experience that for yourself!

When you are only a few metres away, you can already hear the sounds of the Kasermandl Duand you are welcomed to our hut with a yodel and a schnapps. Enjoy the view of the Zillertal Alps in the sunshine and fresh mountain air and let our kitchen crew spoil you with spicy and sweet delicacies. Enjoy #simplyhappy moments with musical entertainment, a STOCK of beer and stimulating conversation. The mountain festival always takes place on Tuesdays in good weather - you shouldn't miss it!


Rustic and tasty

There is hardly anything more traditional: Melchermuas - the hearty meal of the alpine dairymen from the Zillertal. Martin has mastered this like no other, this delicacy is prepared exclusively in iron pans and over an open fire. Served with Zillertaler Grantn (cranberries) and icing sugar.