Hintertux Glacier

Snow-covered peaks all year round

In Austria's only year-round ski area, fun on the slopes beckons almost 365 days a year. Glacier hiking and a visit to the natural ice palace are particularly delightful in summer, when looking to cool off in a different way.

Discover in amazement on Hintertux Glacier

The secret in the eternal ice of the most impressive glacier in Tirol

It exerts a magical pull on us: Hintertux Glacier is a hidden paradise in every season for skiing fans, ski tourers and glacier hikers, who want to experience the unique glacier world of Zillertal here in one of the most scenic regions of Tirol. Especially in autumn, when the first great snow masses cover the glacier in a thick winter cloak and in spring, the best time for sunshine skiing, a day's skiing at 3,250 m is an experience to behold!
Those who spend their holidays in Zillertal can also find some winter joy in their summer joy. All year round, powder snow slopes and divine panoramic pistes await you on this glacier. In winter our STOCK-Skiguides will accompany you on a glacier adventure and to the best ski areas of Zillertal, before you can enjoy relaxation of a special kind in the evening with wellness and gastronomy. Savour this exclusive skiing enjoyment in the glacier area as a guest in our 5-star Hotel STOCK resort, just 15 km from Hintertux Glacier.

A rewarding destination

In summer, Hintertux Glacier beckons as a unique destination with wonderful hiking opportunities and fabulous clear views - not to be missed: the natural ice palace and the Spannagel Cave. The particularly spectacular experiences surely include: Swimming. In the ice. In the isolate of the natural ice palace, this crazy sports can be tried out. But for those who'd rather not dive to the very depths of the glacier lake, Stand Up Paddling is another option.

Skiing with dirndl and lederhosen with a view of the mountains of the Zillertal Arena
the Hintertux Glacier as a hidden paradise in every season