An annual fixed point in May in the Zillertal:

the Gauderfest

When the Dirndl and Lederhosen are brought out again, children run to the rides and you can smell the smell of the finest traditional dishes in your nose from afar, then it's time: the Gauderfest is back.

As every year since the 15th century, the Gauderfest is celebrated in Zell am Ziller at the beginning of May. To ensure that all guests are well catered for, two large marquees, various rides and numerous markets will be set up for four days.

The beer king "Gambrinus"

Who can't miss the Gauderfest? The beer king "Gambrinus", the patron saint of the brewers and the festival. As every year, "Gambrinus" delivers the invitation to the Gauderfest to Governor Günther Platter and, with his humorous performance, provides a good laugh about politics.


"U`zapft is" is the motto of the opening ceremony on Thursday evening. After lively speeches, people take a seat at the table and enjoy Tyrolean delicacies. From roast pork, Viennese Schnitzel to sweets with the 'sweet Krapflang', everything is served. Of course there are also excellent dishes for everyone outside the marquee: sausages, Kiachl, Zillertaler Krapfen and small delicacies such as chocolate skewers.

Thank God it will not be long until May. If you want to learn more about the culinary delights of the beautiful Zillertal, you should definitely visit the Gauderfest. So, as they say so beautifully - "Treff`n ma ins ins am Gauder!" (Let´s meet at the Gauder)