Do you know already "Almspielerei", "Penken Pepi" & Co?

Summer = mountain time = hiking time

What does parents love most about their summer vacation with the whole family?

The wonderful fresh air, the pleasant temperatures on our mountains, the fantastic panoramic view, the unique panorama and the movement. More precisely: hiking.

But do the little summiteers always think so? "Is it still far?" "I do not like anymore." "My feet hurt" ... this and much more parents hear more often than "it's so great here!"

But dear parents - that will change!

Your children will not want to go downhill anymore - the "Almspielerei" on the Eggalm, the "Penken Pepi", the Funsportstation with E-Trails, Down hill & Funballz will bring the necessary motivation. Or do you already know the glacier flea Luis with his ball safari? Not yet?

All excursion destinations can be combined with family-friendly hikes and bring fun and action to the hiking holiday in Zillertal.

But pictures say more than 1000 words!

Penken Pepi

#Penken Peppi

From a distance you can see it already - the 8m high "Penken Peppi" in the middle of the playground on Penkenjoch! There is a lot to experience and to discover at its core. The low ropes course with 30 elements requires balance and skill.

on the mountain

#Experience on the mountain - the Funsportstation

May it be something else? Float up the mountain in a gondola and jet down with the mountain scooters. Proving skill and balance with the E-Trails or running the Funballz across the lake? Feel like it?

on the Eggalm

#Almspielerei on the Eggalm

At 1950 meters above sea level waits a great gaming paradise with large water pond, play raft and drawboat! Courageous balancing on the 9m long slackline to the other shore. Relaxing beds invite parents to relax. Combinable with the Eggalm Rally!

Glacier flea Luis

#Glacier flea Luis quite a celebrity on the Hintertux Glacier. He provides entertainment in summer and winter. His latest achievement is the ball safari! You must have tried.