Instaspots at STOCK resort

cool places for the perfect shot

How do you actually make the perfect Instagram picture? And what needs to be considered? Here are 3 STOCK tips from our marketing team.

1. Der richtige Spot

Of course, the spot itself is not entirely unimportant. That's why we have two very special, eye-catching locations in the STOCK resort. Guarantee: Our butterfly is in the basement of the Kids Club. You can easily reach the bright blue wings with the lift from the restaurant. Thomas Kröll from Marhofen painted the gigantic butterfly for us and is just the right spot for a winged photo for young and old. The second spot is an outdoor highlight: the majestic eagle wings on the upper panoramic terrace. Lucky Fact: The wings sparkle in the right light because they are covered with a special glitter.


2. Pay attention to the background

 An interesting background is half the battle. Mountains are a useful tool when it comes to composing an image. They lead the viewer's eye to the main subject and allow him to dive deeper into the picture. The eagle wings are ideal for this. By the way: the mountain that can be seen swinging in the background is the maple at 2,973m.


3. The right hashtags

On Instagram even beginners have the opportunity to present their pictures to a wide audience. With well-chosen hashtags, you can reach many interested users from the community even without a large following. The keywords used should describe the photo as well as possible. In our case, the hashtags are pretty clear: #stockresort #stockfeeling #feelfree

Insta Tipp:

"For the perfect photo, the photographer has directions marked on the floor where the best angle for the picture is. I wish you a lot of fun taking pictures and look forward to many STOCK butterflies and eagles on Instagram. "

- Fabio, marketing