Charity. Assistance. Help.

The Stock family not only likes to inspire its guests on their holidays, but also wants to set things in motion, pay something forward to people in need. 

With STOCK for GOOD they have thus provided targeted social commitment since the founding in 2015, by means of personal and active aid and financial support. Help is given on a regional as well as international level. Cooperation with social foundations such as BRAVEAURORA, Pink Ribbon Germany, Clarissa & Michael Käfer-foundation, Stiftunglife, Kinder-Krebs-Hilfe (Children`s Cancer Charity), KiO-Kinderhilfe (children's organ transplant charity) or Manuel Neuer Kids Foundation show the extensive involvement. Daniel Stock, as chairman of STOCK for GOOD, puts special focus on children's and water projects.


... ist im STOCK resort immer möglich:
  • Spendenbox im STOCK resort und bei allen Veranstaltungen
  • Spendenbox in der STOCK Tiefgarage (neben einem Kühlschrank mit Römerquelle Wasser zur freien Entnahme)
  • Je € 1,– pro Flasche MOUNT STOCK High Hill und STOCK & FRIENDS Wein wird gespendet
  • Je € 2,– von der STOCK DIAMOND Behandlung „Zillertaler Bergzauber“ wandern in die Spendenbox

So können auch Sie immer helfen:


Raiffeisenbank Finkenberg
IBAN: AT98 3627 4000 3034 1150


Become a part

For € 47.00 annually become a supporting member of the team around STOCK for GOOD and help make other people happy. For this you will receive a book of vouchers from the Stock resort for:

  • a STOCK Diamond Product (when booking a treatment)
  • one e-bike rental for two hours
  • one STOCK Bandana
  • one solarium session

Write to us at, become a member and receive your STOCK for GOOD pass.

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man enjoying a massage during a spa vacation at STOCK Resort