One Team, one Familiy

All for one, one for all! …even if the comparison with the Three Musketeers is somewhat far-fetched, this honourable quote perfectly suits our STOCK philosophy.

Together we, the STOCK family, as hosts, you as our appreciated guests and our team individualists strong of character for the expanded STOCK family, in which all members count. The feeling of being home, the feeling of being truly welcome, sharing that certain quirk of STOCK-lovers and the emotions that develop during a holiday with us, let the STOCK #feeling come to life again every day anew. And it's exactly this sense and this passion that make "repeaters" out of our holidaymakers and "returners" out of our team members. Family unites, the Stock #feeling even more!

Your hosts: The Stock family!

A success story with charm & heart

Without the love and passion of the Stock family, the STOCK resort would not be what it is today. The Stock host family established one of the most excellent hotels in the Alps, has taken on a pioneering role in local tourism and helped in shaping this in Zillertal.

Everything began as happy days always do: with love. Josef and Barbara Stock tied the knot in 1976 and in the same year opened their jointly managed restaurant Bratpfandl, the cradle of today's success. And privately, good fortune is also on their side: In 1977, Daniel is born, in 1978 Alexander and in 1982 Christine. Just like the three children and grandchild David, the STOCK resort grew into a personality strong in character. Having arrived in the present, the Stock Family is more committed than ever with their passion for hospitality and with their vision to create an extraordinary place in Finkenberg in Zillertal. Every day is suffused with the joy and gratefulness of what has been achieved and the dreams for tomorrow.

Our philosohy

Together to (holiday) bliss

From vision to mission with our team

"With both feet on the ground, with the mind in the vision, with the hands on the tools, and with the heart with the people!", happiness and harmony originate in STOCK resort. Thanks to respectful interaction at eye-level with attentive service, harmony develops. Well aware of our roles at large, we as hosts together with our quality-conscious STOCK-team players achieve one goal: We create special moments that make people #happy. In doing so, we remind guests of their role, that of letting go from the busy daily routine, accepting our cordiality and being open to the STOCK #feeling. This naturally gives rise to a dynamic of mutual motivation, which has a favourable effect in all areas. Because when people count, this can be sensed always and everywhere.