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In STOCK resort #joy always laughs into the camera

Everything we do in STOCK resort is done with full devotion, such as our STOCK Mountain Festival, the varied events that truly epitomise the STOCK #feeling, or the time we spend together with our team or our winegrowers. Our videos show exactly this natural commitment. Our drone pictures will amaze you, see just how wonderful our Zillertal is! No wonder that we are so passionate about it. The webcam also shows what we hold so dear. Our charming local mountain in Finkenberg, near which our STOCK resort lies in such an incomparably beautiful location. And the virtual tour finally reveals what makes us, the STOCK resort itself. Have fun!

& Sounds
STOCK resort exterior at night in the Zillertal, overlooking the outdoor sports pool

STOCK MP3 Sounds

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Stockanotti Amore Musica, Daniel Stock

Virtual tour

Explore our wellness hotel in Austria in a particularly pleasant way. Lean back and open yourself up to this somewhat different tour. Pop into our rooms & suites, see our culinary options with the beautiful dining rooms and bar and lounge areas or explore all things Wellness & Spa. Pure anticipation!

Alpine Lodge Suite
Family residence
Wellness Suite


Wellness & SPA