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Printed but also online!

We love it classic, but also very modern.

That's why you can either request our printed matter such as brochures, price lists and magazines from us or browse them directly in the Media Center. Of course also available as downloads. Whichever way you prefer. Gather your impressions just the way you like, we have plenty of them at all events. Rooms & suites, so inviting and comfortable, gastronomy that delights, activities beckoning all year round to embark on adventures in and around the STOCK resort and, of course, the STOCK DIAMOND SPA, our breathtaking wellness landscape for high-end well-being moments.

With the STOCK brochures straight into your enjoyment

In STOCK resort, the hotel in Zillertal in Austria, we love pampering our guests.

And the Stock family plus team want to express this with their brochures, too. Sense your way into STOCK's Image brochure, anticipation of your upcoming holidays guaranteed. The SPA brochure also promises wellness and well-being moments without equal already on first perusal. 

STOCK Image Folder


Hotel catalogue & price lists for your wellness holidays in Zillertal

The perfect #holidaybliss is hard to put into monetary terms. Because it is unpayable. But the framework conditions are not. You'll find them in form of attractive packages in our Price list - Packages, that will make you #happy! The prices for single night stays in our rooms & suites can also be found there.

feelings - STOCK Magazin Winter (Aktiv)

feelings - STOCK Magazin Sommer (Aktiv)

feel active!

Every day, all year round, new sports adventures beckon!
The weekly activity programme in STOCK resort could not be more varied. Look forward to the many highlights and experience special moments.

Kidsprogram 14.06 - 20.06.2021

Teenieprogram 14.06 - 20.06.2021

Weeklyprogram 14.06 - 20.06.2021

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