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Find the most beautiful spots and the many-sided infrastructure of our 5-star hotel in Austria in our picture galleries and our Resort Map. Browse our Social Wall and be inspired by the wide range of posts. Let moving images speak as well, and enjoy great videos or embark on a virtual tour. Our Media Center further invites you to look up and browse our brochures, magazines and price lists. In addition, a number of celebrities give you a peek into their very personal #holidaybliss.

in view
lounge in the STOCK resort in the Zillertal valley

Star Appeal

The hotel in Tirol with THE celebrity factor

It is as famous as some of its guests themselves: The STOCK resort. Here we'll show you which celebrities have already resided with us in the STOCK resort. You'll be surprised! In particular our events have always been magnets for the people you otherwise know only from TV or the press.

Celebrities in Stock

that moves!

Move through STOCK resort on a virtual tour. Charming!
Thanks to the webcam you can see what is currently happening around STOCK resort. Informative!
Enjoy a bird's-eye perspective, which our drone flight makes possible. Captivating!
With our moving images from STOCK resort you'll always be up-to-date!

To the videos

Wine Week 2018 at the STOCK resort on the 2nd day