In the wellness hotel in Austria with a story to your experience

In STOCK resort you follow your senses. The Stock family has always relied on its intuition. An impulse became a vision, a vision an authentic experience. Here, life truly writes the best stories. That's also how the STOCK DIAMOND SPA Story originated, which is now part and parcel of the perfect holidaybliss in STOCK resort.

Julia Roberts and the happiness-essences?!

The most emotive SPA-story a wellness hotel in Austria has to offer:

Close your eyes and experience true Hollywood-Feeling in the heart of the Zillertal Mountains. None other than the German voices of Julia Roberts and Samuel L. Jackson then carry you off into the STOCK DIAMOND Story. When was the last time you listened to a fairytale? Right, it's probably much too long ago. Christine Stock, who brought the STOCK DIAMOND success story to life with much inspiration and love, ensures you that the gentle words of Julia Roberts ensure goosebumps time and again. Thanks to the relaxing music and the scintillating story, you'll be right in the thick of the action at once. You can almost feel the smell of the moss and how the fog is hanging above Mayrhofen. Experience the mountains with their special mystical nature and let yourself be enchanted! Mindfully finding your centre and consciously allowing yourself time, lastingly influence the feeling of being alive.

People in Stock

Christine Stock

"The line of cosmetics and care products STOCK DIAMOND showcases the unparalleled effects of alpine herbs and rock crystal. I just love the power of rock crystal, its clarity and its beauty, when the sun makes it sparkle. Everything is free from pollutants and chemicals. Honey from alpine flowers from the valley, practically from "happy bees" enhances the products. I myself regularly enjoy a facial in our STOCK DIAMOND SPA. And I'm always happy when the beautician uses the products that currently suit my skin the best, according to season and stress level."

Happiness in the moment

It's the little moments that make up the exclusive experience. You feel the great happiness in the moment when the bathrobe slips across your shoulders and you can fully surrender yourself to a soothing treatment. A little piece of this joy you can already discover for yourself right now, when browsing through the STOCK SPA-packages. That works out even without Julia Roberts!


couple on a spa vacation at STOCK Resort in the mountains of Tyrol