Children's wellness in Austria at the most exclusive level

Relaxation for Kids & Teens on family holidays in Zillertal, Tyrol

On wellness holidays with children, well-being dreams come true in STOCK resort: Being as beautiful as Mum for once, being allowed to treat yourself to what Dad does – yet being a child from head to toe and rejoicing with all your heart. Draped in a fluffy STOCK-children's bathrobe, soft flip-flops on their feet and the most charming of smiles on their face – that's how the smallest STOCK guests set foot in the STOCK DIAMOND SPA full of curiosity and immerse themselves into the enchanting world of wellness-magic. No matter if they want to be smart and beautiful, get away from the school routine or recover from exam stress - our caring team will find a suitable treatment selected from massages, beauty & cosmetics as well as poultices & baths for your offspring.


Treatments up to 11 years:

Harmony massage for kids

Perfect for kids up to 11 years!

Duration approx. 25 minutes

approx. 25 minutes
37 €
Exotic Lomi Lomi Nui massage

A dream for kids!

Duration approx. 25 minutes - Treatment for kids up to 11 years!

approx. 25 minutes
42 €
Chocolate Package for Kids

... a wonderful experience!

Covered in chocolate from top to bottom and it is also skin-caring and the sweet chocolate scent lasts for hours!

Duration: approx. 20 min

Treatment for children up to 11 years!

approx. 20 minutes
37 €

Treatments from 12 to 16 years:

Lomi Lomi Nui massage for teens

So gentle, so sensual ...

Unique Hawaiian massage - tailored for teens from 12 - 16 years
Duration: 50min

approx. 50 minutes
81 €
Teen facial treatment

For the individual needs of young skin.

1 evening primrose cream pack
1 wellness head and neck massage

approx. 50 minutes
75 €
For summiteer

Perfect after an action-packed day!

1 back and leg massage
Treatment for children from 12 to 16 years Duration: 50 min

64 €


Book your spa treatment in advance on +43 5285 6775 429 or by email

outdoor in the wellness area in the STOCK Resort with views of the Tyrolean mountains