Relaxing body treatments in the STOCK resort

Your five-star spa-moments in Tyrol

The familiar saying "a healthy mind can only live in a healthy body" clearly shows how important it is to look after your body. Holidays in STOCK resort are the best time for this. The experts of STOCK DIAMOND Spa provide the perfect framework with the wide range of body treatments. Benefit from this!

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Hardly any other cosmetic treatment manages to conjure up silky smooth skin in as short a time as the full-body exfoliations in STOCK resort. During a treatment such as the STOCK DIAMOND "Rock crystal exfoliation", the classic among the exfoliation is in STOCK, you can relax splendidly. You will be delighted with the rosy fresh complexion and the fineness of your skin.


It is often in simplicity that something special lies. Packs have always been popular. And with good reason! Whether it is an extensive moisturising treatment that you can devote enough time to, so it can fully take effect, or a body pack, enjoyed with a massage. Both are conducive to rest and relaxation. Pamper yourself with one of these gentle treatments and give your skin back its elasticity. It will thank you for it.

Comfort Spa Crystal

With the power of ruby

Soothing for your skin. The loss of moisture is compensated for, giving your skin a new lease of life for a balanced and glowing complexion!

Duration: 20 min

approx. 20 minutes
45 €
Comfort Spa Truffle

Luxury nutrition for your skin

The perfect combination of amino acids and minerals regulate your skin's moisture.

Duration: 20 min

approx. 20 minutes
45 €
Fango Back Wrap made from Tyrolean Rock Oil

Natural fango (sulphuric volcanic clay) is an excellent remedy for rheumatic complaints and also sports injuries.

A relaxing back pack for joints and muscles.

Fango wrap for the back in a relaxing lounger
Duration: 20 mins

approx. 20 minutes
40 €

!QMS body-effect-treatments

Body Effect Treatment

For quick tightening of certain body zones!

If you want certain parts of the body to be tightened quickly, this purifying, stimulating and tightening treatment is ideal! The result of firmer connective tissue and tighter contours! Quickly and effective!
Duration 75 min

approx. 75 minutes
145 €


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