Invigorating BALANCE ALPIN Story

1000+ for the STOCK Wellnesshotel in Austria!

The Alpine location of STOCK resort predestined it in 1992 to join the Best Alpine Wellness Hotels. As a founding member, we are particularly proud of this success story today and the development of our own product line BALANCE ALPIN 1000+, which draws its potency from the Alps. Of course, guests in the STOCK Wellnesshotel in Austria can get pampered with exclusive, ecologically pure herbal extracts with various treatments.

A story "rich in herbs"

The journey of BALANCE ALPIN 1000+ into STOCK resort!

The visionary force of the Stock family is reflected not only in their own house, STOCK resort, but also in the renowned association of the Best Alpine Wellness Hotels. Josef Stock demonstrated foresight very early on and was a founding member of the Best Alpine Wellness Hotels. They are clearly the pioneers of the wellness industry and present innovations time and again. Since 1992, the group has been a symbol for best quality and guest satisfaction.
In its own product line BALANCE ALPIN 1000+, the power sources of the Alpine region and Traditional European Medicine TEM have been combined. With the exclusive brand of Best Alpine Wellness Hotels the focus is on the high quality of the water used, the healing herbs and the salt. Collected at more than 1000 m above sea level, the "Mehrner healing water" from Brixen, Tirol, forms the watery basis of all BALANCE ALPIN products. Only pure rock salt harvested by hand is added to this.

Balance Alpin Herbs

The most important herbs used include yarrow, dandelion, wild thyme, angelica, lemon balm, edelweiss, St. John's wort and evening star. Spagyric essences are extracted from the first four, using a special processing method: Spagyrics angelica, spagyrics yarrow, spagyrics wild thyme and spagyrics mountain hawkbit.

relaxation room in the SPA area in the STOCK Resort