Mount Stock

The unique wines in the luxury hotel STOCK resort in Tyrol

Incomparable enjoyment created by strong personalities

The special is always impassioned by an extraordinary idea. That's how Daniel Stock translates the characters of STOCK resort into delightful wines, making them come alive in the STOCK #feeling to match the excellent gourmet world. Together with premium wine grower Leo Hillinger, he thus created a collection that finds its completion under the succinct name of MOUNT STOCK. The finest wines, a wonderfully light Prosecco and high-quality premium brandies complete the uniqueness of your days in the luxury hotel STOCK resort in a fascinatingly harmonical way.

hotel guests drinking the MOUNT STOCK wine
wine line MOUNT STOCK at the hotel STOCK

Exclusive range of MOUNT STOCK wines in keeping with the sophisticated surroundings

Even if enjoying wine in STOCK resort has high(proof)season all year round, philosophising about life at home comes especially easy with a glass of fine wine. The cooperation between Leo Hillinger and Daniel Stock sees two passionate characters join up, who all out delight wine connoisseurs and those aiming to become ones with their rich and tasteful creations. Discover the MOUNT STOCK-wines and explore and get to love the unmistakable personality of each and every creation!

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