Welcome to the stockBar & POP UP Club!

Cool drinks and hot vibes in the lifestyle hotel in Zillertal

It is the (true) centrepiece of the house, the communicative centre, the place at which often the funniest stories develop, the stockBar.

Here real mixologists ensure the perfect drink in your glass. Or how about a cool vitamin cocktail for the youngest ones when on family holidays in STOCK resort? How about a sparkling aperitif after a day in the mountains hiking or skiing or maybe the bell already rings "It’s Gin o’clock" on your wellness holidays?
No matter what the time, here you're always in the right spots, especially when the POP UP Club beckons to hit the dancefloor. Here you'll find smooth sounds and cool creations for all those who want to enjoy sophisticated vibes and exclusive ambience.

group drinks cocktails at POP UP Club at STOCK Resort in Tyrol
Wine Week 2018 at the STOCK resort Gourmet Festival
Cool drinks,
smooth sounds

In November 2017 it appeared all of a sudden, created overnight – the legendary POP UP Club. Once a week the club opens its secretive gates and DJ sounds make our guests dance. The opening hours are not fixed, but instead exclusive moments of pure joy of life.
In the heart of STOCK resort yet hidden, so that only celebrating guests know which music is playing at the moment while everywhere else in the hotel it's peaceful. Thanks to the modern and unique ambience, the club with state-of-the-art amenities is also the perfect location for special occasions deserving to be celebrated.