Energy & YOGA-Realm in Tyrol

Your retreat in the five-star STOCK resort

What constitutes a room? Its confining walls, its windows with a view to the outside? No, a room is made up of what happens in it. We see our STOCK yoga and energy room as a realm in which something develops and unfolds. Here the energy flows.

Nature shows the way. Everything here comes completely natural, so venture into the forest with full awareness for once. Listen, smell and feel deep into yourself in doing so. There's no better way to prepare and ground yourself for the yoga sessions in STOCK resort. Experiencing such a holistic well-being experience on your activity holidays will open you up to bringing body, mind and soul into harmony.
In the Yogahotel in Zillertal, we also know about the important role of the yoga instructors. They are one of the main pillars and pave the way for inner and outer balance.

Everything flows
Energy & Yoga-Realm
A place for total relaxation

We have created a very special place with the Energy & Yogarealm. The finest materials, harmonic colours and plenty of art give this realm its very special, peace-inducing yet vitalising power. Here, relaxation workouts such as Qigong, meditation, pilates and the highly popular yoga are celebrated led by competent instructors. And the body styling sessions also pack a punch in a positive sense.